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    'Founder Harmony is the space I needed when I became an entrepreneur 23 years ago. Now I can create it for other founders.'


    Adesola Akindele

    Become a Founder Wellness Advocate

    Mentoring, not for you? There are other ways to support entrepreneurs, especially if you can detect burnout signs. Founder Harmony has a program to help you become a founder wellness advocate. Fill out our interest form today.

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    An exciting Audiobook Series

    We kick off with Adesola's story. As a fervent advocate for founder well-being, she founded Founder Harmony with a focus on empowering female entrepreneurs in their pursuit of work-life balance. Her goal is to share practical insights and advice gleaned from seasoned entrepreneurs adept at harmonizing the demands of work and personal life. Delve into a treasure trove of wisdom, strategies, and personal stories that will motivate and equip you to attain equilibrium in your entrepreneurial journey.


    Adesola's inspiration stemmed from Village Up San Diego's impactful 2021 report, shedding light on the diverse mental and physical challenges faced by female founders at the outset of their entrepreneurial ventures. Drawing on her 23 years of experience, Adesola was motivated to take proactive steps. Guided by numerous speaking opportunities centered around founder wellness, she seized the moment, backed by a supportive ecosystem, to establish Founder Harmony.


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